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17 June 2012 @ 06:17 pm
Welcome to the LiveJournal version of
 KAT-TUN's Stuff

Before, KAT-TUN's Stuff is a site hosted by Wordpress. The stats are good as we received a lot of visitors everyday. So, why we decided to open a new version of the site?

Well, the answer is very easy. We don't want to post alone anymore. We want you, HYPHENS, to post together with us. Sharing is caring. We are humans too, so we can't post everything happened to KAT-TUN by ourselves. We need helps and the helps would be from you guys! The more you post, the more the love for KAT-TUN grow from all over the world.

This is only the introduction post. Please do read the FAQ and Rules post too. Take note in mind okay.

After you joined our community, please do comment at post > Member List < so that we can add you as one of our members in our list.

Have fun here, 
lurveheechul aka IEKA